Autumn in the North Cascades

This year, I decided to make the long day trip from Seattle up to the North Cascades. For years, it has been a dream of mine to go and see the larches. If you are unfamiliar with larches, they are deciduous conifers that grow at a high elevation. In other words, they look like evergreen trees until the fall, when their needles turn a brilliant shade of yellow. 

We decided to hike the same trail, two weekends in a row. The changing colors and weather made for some spectacular views and photos, and gave me an appreciation for the beauty and unpredictability of the changing of the seasons up here. Just one week made a huge difference in the colors and the weather.

Now, the larches are starting to drop their needles, and their color will be gone soon. But next year I hope to be trying some different trails, to see more of the stunning display these trees put on every year.

Here are some photos from the first hike, featuring brilliant yellow tones and a mostly dry conditions. 

Just a week later, the trail was frozen, the trees were orange, and the first signs of winter were beginning to appear with snow dusting the peaks.

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